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Enlighten Control Wing

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The Enlighten Control Wing is a board that works seamlessly with Enlighten Lighting Control Software to control lighting for stages and houses of worship. The Enlighten Control Wing is perfect for those who prefer a physical board over a PC-only interface. It relies on step-by-step process of create looks and sequences. Looks can be programmed as buttons and grouped into faders, making for a visual and user-friendly method of lighting control. Using the Enlighten Control Wing gives you hands on control of your stage. Volunteers and beginner lighting operators can easily learn how to use the unit and create spectacular light shows.

The Enlighten Control Wing measures 28 inches in length, 14 inches in width and four inches in height. The Enlighten Control Wing has full metal housing, 10 sliders, 11 jog wheels, eight bump buttons, eight go buttons, 32 assignable or preset direct access buttons and a programming area for a total of 99 buttons. Backlit buttons add to the unit's interactive functionality. The unit is available with 0 or 2 universes built-in.

Try a free-limited version by downloading the software. The Enlighten Control Wing is developed and assembled in Texas.